Introduction of Chambrelan

Company Overview
For almost 50 years, Chambrelan has designed, developed and provided thousands of ball bearing slides and guidance rails for industry and for equipment manufacturers who have had to put into practice translatory guidance solutions.
Chambrelan is constantly refining and developing their manufacturing expertise in line with industry changes, making us the leading manufacturer of heavy duty sliding systems in the world...
Production, research and development capacities make Chambrelan a major manufacturer in guidance and transfer movement.

Company History
Founded in 1886, the main activity of Halm’s was renting tarpaulins to the Le Havre port authority.
In 1956
After changing the company name , Halm’s became Chambrelan.
In 1961
Chambrelan switched its activity to the production of ball bearing slides. The first slide produced was the RA5.
Mr Couppey bought the shares of the Chambrelan family business in 1965. Since then, a member of the Couppey family has managed Chambrelan SA. L’activité de location de bâches est totalement abandonnée. Le rail de guidage linéaire est conçu. Tarpaulin renting stopped totally. Linear rails were developed. Chambrelan SA then became the first French designer and producer of telescopic slides and linear rails.

In 1973
Chambrelan began to export.

In 1984
As the workshop was too narrow, Chambrelan set itself up in Le Havre’s old wire-drawing factory.

In 1989
Profilscope GmbH (Chambrelan's first subsidiary ) was founded in Germany.

In 1997
Chambrelan SA strengthened its position on the heavy duty slide market with its reinforced range : World-wide exclusivity.

In 2002
Chambrelan BV is founded in The Netherlands.

In 2005
On July 8th, 2005, BVQI has validated the process of designing, manufacturing and marketing of the company Chambrelan through the ISO 9001 VERSION 2000 certification.

In 2010
Chambrelan LTD is founded in the U.K.

Chambrelan SA is still the only company to design, develop and provide ball bearing telescopic slides and linear rails in France.
For almost 50 years, Chambrelan has designed, developed and supplied thousands of ball bearing slides and guidance rails, to industry, to equipment manufacturers world-wide, thanks to an extensive network of agents.

Although the Chambrelan standard range enables us to cover most needs, some orders can be adapted to your requirement. Chambrelan works with clients by adapting our products to suit their needs.